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Save the royal family in a top down, action, roguelike game.

The throne has fallen. This is your last chance to save royal members. You get your staff, Dress your favored hat and gather all your will and strength to save the ones that lived mercifully when no one else believed you: The royal family.

Challenge the enemies who are responsible for this destruction and end this madness once and for all. Do you think you have what it takes? We'll see.


  • Player Movement: WASD
  • Attack: Left Mouse Button
  • Aim: Mouse

What's New in Update 1.0.3

  • Added in-game cursor
  • Added save slots for New Game
  • Added playing football with skulls
  • Fixed same position enemy spawn bug
  • Fixed new wave spawn bug after the room cleared.
  • Fixed in-game music pause bug after changing volume in the options menu. 


Producer : R4hulCorleone

Designers : Unbirthday , Atomic

Programmers : R4hulCorleone , Vicoodi

Composer and SFX : Marian Walczak

Art : Tensei 

Itch.io Assets provided by  jonik9i , 0x72


FateOfKingdom_V1.0.3.zip 32 MB

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game ends in room 15

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Thank you for playing the game, Congrats for reaching room 15, yep, right now room 15 is the final room, and makes the game unplayable, we are aware of this bug, but this is just our start, we are working on some fixes for next release and new content to make the core more enjoyable in near future releases, So stay tuned!

The bug has been fixed in new update.


Great project!


I loved the music and overall concept👍

Thank you for playing our game. We're glad you enjoyed it.


This is beautiful and so good! I love the art and the music. The difficulty is balanced and keeps it entretaining and fun.


Thank you for playing, We are happy you loved it! We are working on next update to fix and add new content to gameplay. So stay tuned.